Five Tips to Make Your Workplace More Productive

The key to having a productive workplace is employee engagement. Workers who are engaged, who feel they are valued and are making a contribution, who like where they work, will be the most productive.

Here are a few tips on increasing that engagement.


Give them the proper tools

You need to make sure your staff has the proper software to perform their jobs effectively. This includes applications that help them organize and track their time and tools that help them collaborate. This enables them to work together in real-time with the aid of communication apps, such as instant messaging, that help keeps communication organized and allows for file sharing and access.

Give them training

It is simply a fact that training helps increase productivity for both new employees and veterans. There are many ways of offering training. It can be on the job, such as mentoring, or through online classes, for example. Training also helps to enhance employee engagement.


This is essential for a productive workplace. First of all, management needs to set clear goals and expectations for workers, so everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them. Managers need to be willing to listen to employees and take their suggestions and concerns seriously. Management also needs to provide ongoing feedback, informing workers how they are doing and how they can improve.

Give recognition

This is also key. Employees need to know they are valued and appreciated. There are many ways to recognize employees’ work. A simple email to your staff praising someone who has done a good job is an effective way of giving recognition.

While monetary rewards are the most common way of recognizing outstanding performance, there are other ways to do it. These can include small gifts, tickets to events, a free meal, or time off.

Have optimal workplace conditions

Pay attention to the workplace environment because little things here can make a big difference. For example, make sure the office temperature is at a comfortable level, usually between 68 and 70 degrees. If the workplace is too hot or cold, productivity will suffer. You don’t want to have employees wearing coats or putting fans next to their desks.

Make sure the lighting is adequate and that employees have comfortable workspaces.

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