Working With Arrow Staffing

Interested in joining the Arrow Staffing team? Our four-step application process will help us find the right career opportunities for you. After contacting us online or calling one of our offices, you’ll go through the following steps:

  • Apply Online Once you’ve applied online, give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment for you to come into one of our offices. You will complete our skills evaluations and meet with one of our staffing specialists so we can get a better idea of your talents and goals.
  • Question and Answer We’ll ask about your work history (including references), education, skills and career goals. Depending on the type of work you’re seeking, we may have you complete some of our computer-generated evaluations. Allow two hours to complete our application/interview process.
  • Match We’ll then place your information into our computer network. This way, if a job order comes up in any of our offices that matches your skill sets, any of our staffing specialists will be able to speak to you about it to see if you’d be interested in taking on the assignment.
  • Communicate Finally, keep us posted. Let us know if your job situation changes, when you’re ready for another assignment, when you’ve acquired new skills or if your contact information changes.

Most importantly, if you have questions at any time, please let us know. Our staffing specialists are here for you and are happy to assist you.

Ready to connect to your career? Contact Arrow Staffing today!