Improve Your Company’s Communication with These Five Steps

Companies realize that communication is important. It is always high on the list of skills employers look for in job candidates. It is important not just with clients but internally as well. And there is plenty of evidence to back this up. Studies have shown that companies with better internal communication have an almost 50 percent higher return to shareholders, higher employee morale, and better retention.

Surveys have also revealed that poor communication has resulted in billions lost each year because of errors. Here are a few ways to improve your company’s communication.

  1. Leaders need to show the way

Managers need to set an example for their workers for good communication. Leaders can do this by giving ongoing feedback, sharing information, being honest and transparent. They should have an open-door policy and always be willing to answer questions.

  1. Put the focus on the company’s mission and goals.

Everyone needs to clearly understand what the mission and goals are and what they need to do in order to achieve the goals. The mission and goals should be posted online, available for everyone, and referenced frequently.

  1. Cut back on meetings and emails.

Before you call a meeting, ask yourself, is it really necessary? Can the issues be handled through an email? Before you send an email, ask yourself, can it be handled by a quick word in person? These days, enterprise social networks such as ZenDesk and FreshDesk are much more effective at helping team members communicate.

  1. Flatten the organization

Having a rigid hierarchy inhibits communication, and more companies are moving away from this type of structure. A team arrangement allows for much more effective communication, removing logjams to decision-making and increasing the accessibility of company leaders.

  1. Integrate communication into daily operations

You need to set up avenues of communication that are used on an ongoing basis, on a set schedule, things like conference calls or newsletters that keep employees up to date. Having this ongoing communication helps the company to function more efficiently, avoiding the time wasted when employees need to search for information.

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