Do Temp Agencies Rehire You?

Shakespeare penned the line, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” But you can bid farewell to a temporary assignment without any regrets if you follow the suggestions below for ending your temp job. You’ll also set yourself up for future success! (take a look at our tips on what to do when your assignment ends.)

Wrap It Up

As you close in on your last day on the job, avoid “short-timer syndrome” by continuing to work hard rather than simply showing up. Make sure to tie up any loose ends and leave notes for anyone who might follow in your footsteps.

Huddle with Your Supervisor

Once you’ve finished any outstanding tasks, schedule a sit-down with your supervisor. Not only will it give you the chance to debrief them on how you’ve left things, but it also allows you to thank them for the opportunity of working with them. This bit of professionalism won’t go unnoticed, and it may benefit you later. Speaking of which …

Let the Company Know If You’d Like to Work for Them Again

If you can, meet with the HR or hiring manager whose staffing request sent you their way. And if you really enjoyed your assignment and would like to work with the company again, make sure they know. They may think of you when their filling another temporary – or even permanent – position.

Get Ready for the Next Step

As you get ready to clock out for the last time, take a moment to update your resume. Add both the assignment you’re ending and any skills or accomplishments you’ve picked up while on the job. Then, contact your recruiter so you can chart a course for your next opportunity.

Step Into Your Next Position

And whether you haven’t used a staffing agency before, or you’re looking for a new one, Arrow would like to help. We get to know the real you, learning about your experience and career goals. Our staffing specialists have deep connections with hiring managers representing some of Southern California’s finest companies. We have unique insights and expertise, and we can’t wait to put them to use for you. Get started here.

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