What To Do When You’ve Reached the End of Your Assignment

If you are a contingent worker, at some point your job will come to an end. You want to make sure you go out on favorable terms because your current assignment will influence future work possibilities. Here are a few tips on things to do as you approach the end of your time.

Maintain professional standards

You may be tempted as the final days wind down to slack off a little and coast. Resist the temptation and continue going strong right up until the end. It is the professional thing to do. It shows what kind of work ethic and dedication you have. Also, if you slack off, your supervisor and colleagues will notice and may not be too pleased about it.

Wrap things up

Try as hard as you can to tie up any loose ends before you leave. Don’t leave projects for others to finish. If it is just not possible to finish a project, make it as easy as possible for the next person by detailing what has been done, what needs to be done and any other instructions that may help. If you know who will be assigned to the project, talk to them directly and fill them in.

Ask if you can stay, working another job

If you enjoy working at the company, inquire about the possibility of staying on in some other position. After all, they know you and what you can do. You are a known quantity, which gives you an advantage.

Ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

Ask your supervisor if he or she would be willing to write up a recommendation on LinkedIn. These kinds of references carry the most weight with potential employers and recruiters who peruse the site.

Touch base with human resources

Talk to them about how your time went, what you are looking for down the road, and ask if they will keep you in mind when positions open up. Have some contacts in the HR department that you can keep in touch with.

Get organized

Before you go, get all of your files organized for easy review. This again is just being considerate to your co-workers, who may have to access your files for something after you leave. If the files are a mess, making it difficult to find things, your former colleagues will be none too happy.

Keep in touch

Talk to your coworkers about staying in touch. Make sure to give them your email address and telephone number. Write it on a post-it note or send it via email. Don’t assume they will go hunting for your information to call you after you go.

What’s next?

Make time in your day specifically to think about your next move. It’s all too easy to put this off until the job is almost over, and you are stressed out about finding something else. Begin about a month before your final day to plan for the future.

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