Text Recruiting: More Things You Need to Know

Employers want their text recruiting efforts to hit the mark from the get-go. To achieve their goal, they need to plan accordingly. That way, businesses can start delivering timely, relevant, and engaging texts to job candidates right away.

Previously, we discussed how text recruiting can impact your business’ ability to connect with top talent. Now, let’s look at five tips to help you integrate texting into your talent recruitment strategy.

1. Get in Touch with the Right Job Candidates

Identify the ideal job candidate you want to reach via text recruitment. You can use social media, employee referrals, and other sources to identify candidates. From here, you can leverage text messages to encourage candidates to play for a role with your company.

2. Keep Your Text Recruiting Messages Short

Resist the urge to bombard job candidates with lots of information via text. Conversely, keep text notifications brief and direct. Generally, it helps to use a maximum of 160 characters in a text message sent to a candidate.

3. Confirm Job Interviews

Use text messages to verify job candidate interviews. You can send a text alert to confirm an interview as soon as it is scheduled. Furthermore, you can deliver a text reminder leading up to the interview to ensure the candidate still wants to attend. Confirming job interviews via text boosts candidate engagement. It also reduces the risk of candidates missing interviews.

4. Provide Applicant Status Updates

Take advantage of text messages to keep job candidates in the loop regarding their application status. For example, employers can send texts to notify candidates that their application materials have been received. In addition, employers can alert candidates if they require additional information. They can continue to provide candidates with updates regarding their application status as they move through the interviewing and hiring processes as well.

5. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) in Your Text Recruiting Messages

Incorporate a CTA into your text messages to job candidates. The CTA should encourage a candidate to take a step to stay connected to your business. For instance, a CTA can urge a candidate to click on a link to begin the application process.

Can You Use Text Messages for Job Interviews?

Along with talent recruitment, employers can leverage text messages for job interviews. Before doing so, it is paramount to know what to expect during text interviews.

To perform interviews via text message, you should prepare your questions for job candidates in advance. Each question should be simple and straightforward. And you should give a candidate ample time to respond to each question.

Once a candidate responds to a text interview question, review their response carefully. If the candidate seems like he or she may be a good fit, it may be worthwhile to set up a phone or video call. Then, you can provide this individual with additional details about the role with your company and continue to pursue him or her.

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