Text Recruiting: Here’s What You Need to Know

Your business wants top talent to join its team. Yet traditional talent recruitment has delivered subpar results thus far. At this time, you may want to consider text recruiting.

Using text messages to recruit quality job candidates can have far-flung effects on your business. However, text recruiting must be managed appropriately. Because if you bombard outstanding candidates with texts, they may tune out your company altogether.

Now, let’s look at some of the biggest questions surrounding text recruiting, along with tips to help you incorporate texting into your talent recruitment strategy.

What Is Text Recruiting?

Text recruiting involves the use of text messages to notify candidates about jobs with your company. This form of recruiting lets you communicate with candidates via text and keep them up to date as soon as vacancies become available. It also ensures you can keep candidates in the loop regarding their job applications.

What Are the Benefits of Using Texts for Recruiting?

Reasons to incorporate text messages into talent recruitment include:

1. High Response Rate

Most Americans own a smartphone and use it several hours each day. Thus, you can boost the likelihood that job candidates will engage with your company with text recruitment. From here, you’re well-equipped to attract top talent.

2. Speed

Talent recruitment can be a long, arduous process. Fortunately, text messages are fast and simple. You can send a text in seconds to job candidates around the world. And a candidate can quickly and easily respond to your text via their mobile device.

3. Cost Savings

You won’t have to break your budget to capitalize on text message recruitment. Certain SMS services charge only a few cents per text. Therefore, it may prove to be cost-effective to utilize text recruiting over other recruitment options.

4. Personalization

If you want to personalize the talent recruitment experience, texting can be ideal. You can tailor text messages to any job candidate, at any time. This ensures you can connect with amazing candidates like never before.

Should You Use Text Messages for Recruiting?

Text messages can help you improve your talent recruitment. To realize the full benefits of text recruitment, you need to prepare accordingly.

Consider your talent recruitment strategy and how to integrate text messages into it. Then, you can find the best way to use texts in conjunction with your current strategy.

Also, evaluate your target audience before you send texts. You should ensure that any text message you send is appropriate for your audience. Keep in mind that audience members use iOS and Android devices for text messages as well. This means you need to provide text messages that are seamlessly accessible on a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Improve Your Talent Recruitment Strategy

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