Interview Questions to Ask About COVID-19

If you are interviewing for a non-remote position, you may naturally have concerns about how the company is handling COVID-19 in the workplace. Let’s take a look at questions you should ask during the interview to help put your mind at ease should you decide to accept a job offer.   

What COVID-19 Safety Protocols Does Your Company Have in Place?  

Ask about personal protective equipment (PPE) that employees are required to wear, such as gloves and masks. Inquire into the office layout, particularly whether workstations are spaced in accordance with social distancing recommendations. Another point of interest is if employee and client temperatures are taken upon entering the building.   

What Happens If an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19?   

Even with the best safety protocols in place, it is impossible to guarantee that an asymptomatic employee will not slip through the cracks. Feel free to ask about isolation procedures and plans the company has in place to prevent the spread of Corona Virus throughout the entire office should an employee test positive.   

Keeping Employees Up-to-Date  

Things seem to change so quickly that you do not want to be at work and miss important information concerning COVID-19. Inquire as to the company’s policy on making sure that employees stay current on crucial public health announcements. For instance, do they send out mass emails, call meetings, texts, etc.?   

How Secure is the Position?  

COVID-19 has brought with it a great deal of uncertainty, and jobs are no exception. It is entirely understandable to ask the interviewer about the security of the position you are interviewing for. Does the company see it as a temporary position while transitioning into a new way of working, or is it a long-term position with room for growth?   

Since the onset of COVID-19, you have taken every precaution to protect yourself and your family. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety when you go back to work. The answers to these questions will help you understand if the processes that the company you are interviewing with has in place are sufficient to make you feel comfortable.  

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