Why You Should Be Managing Part-Time Employees as a Full-Time Team

In an effort to achieve a better balance between career and family life, many individuals are asking employers to step down to part-time work after holding full-time careers. This increasing trend means that employers must learn how to effectively modify full-time workloads to fit part-time positions. The key to making part-time positions at your company successful is to manage part-time employees as a full-time team.    

Why Are Most Part-Time Unsuccessful? 

To understand how to set your part-time employees up for success, you must first understand what makes part-time positions fail.  

    • Same Workload with Reduced Hours and Pay – It is not feasible for a part-time employee to meet the same demands as they were when they were full-time.  
    • Sole Point of Contact – If an employee is part-time but yet the sole point of contact for one or more clients and fellow staff, this becomes problematic.  
    • Training, Seminars, etc. – Without realizing it many companies still expect part-time employees to participate in meetings, training sessions, and the like, which are important, but not necessarily crucial to the job at hand.  

Now that you understand some of the pitfalls of part-time positions, let’s take a look at how treating your part-time staff as a full-time team will ensure success for both you and your team! 

Many Parts Make a Whole  Manage Your Part-Time Staff as One Unit 

Don’t treat each part-time employee as if they are in their own bubble, instead manage part-time employees as one unit. Try these tips: 

    • Share the Workload – Do not assign tasks to one individual. Instead assign them to a team. Keep in mind that there can be different teams within your part-time unit. By assigning work to a team rather than an individual, when one person is out the other person can handle any issues that might arise.  
    • Share Knowledge – Have more than one point of contact for both employees and clients. This is crucial, because if one part-time employee is off there is one or more other employees that can be contacted for information or help.  
    • Reduce Training Sessions  Attending seminars and training sessions can really add up in terms of hours worked. Reduce the amount of sessions that part-time employees are required to attend.  

Following these tips ensures that your part-time employees do not become burned out because they are working a full-time job for a fraction of the pay. It also helps reduce the frustrations of your remaining employees by making sure there is always a point of contact available when they need it.  

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