Need More Energy at Work? Go for a Short Walk on Break

When working, some people avoid taking breaks, thinking that such interruptions will hinder their concentration, slow them down, and curtail their progress. They believe the starting and stopping will only slow their momentum. But actually, the reverse is true.

We need to take breaks!

Research has shown that we really need to take breaks to perform at our best. Work takes energy and effort. We can only concentrate intently for about an hour at a time. So, we need to take breaks to rest and recharge. Studies have shown that a person’s performance improves after taking a break.

Not all breaks are created equally.

But some kinds of breaks are better than others. For example, if you stop your work to munch on some candy, drink some coffee, or chat with a coworker, you are not going to benefit much from your downtime. These kinds of things don’t do much for your fatigue because they do little to address the cause.

When taking a break, you need to do something that takes your mind off of your work, to get away from the work for a short time. This is what is most effective in helping you to recover.

If you practice meditation, this is a good way to take a break. It helps you to empty your mind and reduce stress.

Physical activity can help maintain your energy at work.

One of the best things you can do during a break is some sort of physical activity, such as a short walk. This helps you to get away from your work both literally and figuratively. The activity also increases your breathing and heart rate, pumping more blood to your body and your brain, making you feel more alert and energized.

It can give you more energy than drinking a cup of coffee. In addition to the increased oxygen flow, it also increases hormones in your body that boost energy.

Physical activity like walking, even of short duration, has many other benefits as well. Studies have shown that walking helps to improve mood, burns calories, strengthens the heart, lowers blood sugar, reduces joint pain, enhances the immune system, and may even help with creative thinking.

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