Three Tips to Help Your Team Be Less Dysfunctional

Teams are the backbone of a company. For a company to thrive, employee teams must be productive. Team members must all be working toward a common goal. Some business experts argue that the performance of the company itself depends on how team members work together.

Here are a few tips to build effective teams, according to business experts.

Build in Diversity

When putting teams together, managers need to give careful thought to the makeup of the group. Managers need to build teams that have people with different kinds of knowledge, skills, experiences, and strengths. The people should have different areas of expertise, different styles of work and thinking, and different backgrounds, even different personalities.

For example, to be successful, teams should have those who are more prone to taking risks and those who are more prudent; those who like to do more planning, and those who are more action oriented; and a balance of genders as well.

It is also important that everyone on the team understand the goals that need to be achieved. They should be laid out clearly right at the beginning. The best course of action is to have a meeting when the team is being formed to make sure everyone clearly understands the goals, the benchmarks and their individual responsibilities.

Flexibility of Authority

There are times when the team leader needs to assert him or herself to offer needed guidance. But there are also times when a more collegial atmosphere is required, when team members need to collaborate, to speak freely and throw out ideas and thoughts as one among equals.

For this reason, teams need to have the flexibility to shift from a more rigid top-down structure when required to a more free form, more relaxed framework.

Take Care of Problems Immediately

Problems or conflicts, even small ones, should not be allowed to fester because they may be a sign of a more serious situation and could erupt into something more disruptive. Team leaders need to be alert to spot little problems before they become big ones. The problem could be something as minor as a person who remains silent at team meetings.

The team leader should meet with the person privately to find out what the problem is.

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