How to Tell When Your Employees Might Need Some Space

Sometimes managers can be too hands-on with their employees, a little too overbearing. They do not allow their workers enough autonomy to use their skills and make their own decisions. It’s called micromanaging. Here are a few ways to tell if you are a micromanager and need to give your employees a little more space.

High turnover

If employees are constantly being told how to do their jobs, or you are making all of the decisions for them, they are naturally going to be frustrated and unhappy. This is a recipe for turnover. If the person is unhappy in his or her job, he is going to look elsewhere.

If you find that your employees are only staying a year or two before moving on, it could be a sign that you are micromanaging.

Not meeting deadlines

If you feel the need to make all the decisions, or need to be involved in all the details, this will slow things down a great deal and most likely lead to delays. If you find that your employees are constantly missing deadlines, it could be that you are micromanaging.

Silent meetings

Do you find that you are the only one talking at team meetings? Your staff gives little input. Instead, the meeting is more of you doling out tasks, making announcements and decisions. Your people are not talking because they don’t feel they have a stake in the work, that their ideas and suggestions don’t count.

You need to approve every task

You have become a bottleneck, where every decision or task needs to go through you. You are not allowing your team to make decisions on their own, using their own skills and knowledge.

You need frequent updates

Your employees are spending too much time putting together progress reports for you or email updates where they need to explain everything that they do.

Your employees need to follow your instructions

You give too many detailed instructions on projects, not allowing employees to use their own skill and creativity in solving problems or carrying out assignments. As a result, your workers carry out tasks like robots, rarely exercising their innovative, creative side.

If you notice any of these signs, you need to examine your management style. Talk to your employees to get their input on your management. Do have faith and trust in your employees? If not, you may need to look at your hiring process.

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