Hiring the Best and Brightest Inland Empire Employees in 2019

There is no foolproof method for hiring the best and brightest, but certain approaches work better than others. It is important to keep an open mind when looking at job candidates, to not let yourself be restricted by conventional thinking about qualifications. In fact, candidates with unusual backgrounds are often an indication of someone with unusual talents as well.

Here are a few ideas on finding the best and brightest.

  1. Offer big challenges and rewards

Outstanding people are attracted to positions that are high risk and high reward. So, they need to be given the opportunity to use their talents and skills as much as possible, to take on challenging assignments that will really test them. And they need to be rewarded accordingly. Many start-ups, for example, offer employees equity in the company, so they have a stake in its success.

  1. Think outside the box

Do not eliminate someone simply because they do not have the traditional career path you are looking for. Do not pigeonhole people. Again, people with unusual backgrounds often have unique talents and skills. In fact, some companies create positions for people when they find someone with unique skills and abilities. You need to think creatively about how skills can be transferred.

  1. Create a culture of transparency and merit.

To attract the best, your company needs a set of strong core values that guide your operation. Everyone should be accountable for making decisions and the results of those decisions.

  1. Exploit social media

Social media has enabled people to expand their reach tremendously through networking. Companies can draw upon these new networks by soliciting referrals from employees and recruiters. All of these connections also make it easier for companies to learn about possible job candidates and what they have to offer.

  1. Look for curiosity and passion

These are two of the defining qualities of the best and brightest. They are endlessly curious about the world, they love what they do, they are driven, they are always learning and growing, they are always looking for new challenges and new worlds to conquer.

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