Are You Ready to Hire the Right Employees in 2019?

Hiring a new employee is a stressful process not just for the job candidate but for the employer as well. As an employer, you are taking a lot of time and effort to find the right person, someone who has the skills you need and who will fit in with the company.

If you get the wrong person, you have wasted a lot of time and money. Here are a few tips for the hiring process to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Clearly define the job

Before you even advertise for the job, you need to be sure what you are looking for, the exact skills and knowledge needed for the job. Don’t rely on outdated job descriptions. You need to do an analysis of the job to determine exactly what the current duties and responsibilities of the job are and exactly what skills are needed to achieve the desired performance.

  1. Develop a recruiting plan

After putting together an accurate job description, convene a meeting of those people involved in hiring the employee and work out a plan for how you will go about recruiting the person. Decide how you will go about recruiting – will you rely on referrals, social media, or job ads? Develop a timeline and put together a checklist of the recruiting process tasks so you can keep track of your efforts.

  1. Review applications with care

Again, this is where an accurate and precise job description can help. Use the skills and characteristics listed in the job description as a guide in checking applications. Those people whose applications most closely match what is in the job description should be your top candidates.

  1. Prescreen

This will help save time and effort. Prescreening involves a brief, scripted interview, often over the phone, with a selected group of candidates. Questions should be drawn up in advance. The purpose of the interview is to get a better idea of a candidate’s qualifications, salary requirements, and fit with the company.

This will help to ensure that you are bringing only the most qualified applicants in for a full, face-to-face interview.

  1. Standardize the interview

Draw up all questions in advance to be sure your questions are focused on the skills and other qualities you want for the job. Ask each candidate the same questions so you can compare answers.

  1. Check credentials and references

Do not gloss over this part of the process. Make sure credentials check out. Checking references can give you valuable information about a candidate’s character and performance. Make sure to ask each reference, “Would you hire this person again?” The answer will be revealing.

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