Can I Be Overdressed for a Manufacturing Job Interview?

You probably would not give too much thought to your dress for a factory job interview. But you should. The fact is that people form judgments very quickly, and dress makes a powerful first impression. The hiring manager will begin to form an opinion about your fit for the job as soon as he sees you, and the way you dress will be one of the first things he or she notices. If you show up in a T-shirt and jeans, you are not going to make a good impression.

So, it is important to dress well for the interview, to dress professionally. It doesn’t mean you have to show up in a Brooks Brothers suit, but you need to be dressed well.

How to Dress

For a man, you should wear something like a neatly pressed pair of slacks or chinos, a long-sleeved shirt with a collar and a tie. A jacket is optional, but certainly preferable to something like a well-worn overcoat.

For a woman, you should wear a skirt that extends at least to the knees or a nice pair of pants, and a blouse. Leather or suede work shoes are recommended for footwear.

At an interview, you also want to avoid any clothing that is loud, flashy or too garish. This also does not make a good impression.


You should also be neatly groomed for the interview – shaved, hair neatly combed, hands clean. The interview is not the time to make a fashion statement. Avoid a lot of jewelry or coloring your hair green or purple. If you have any piercings on your face, they should be removed.

Women should have their hair in a ponytail or bun. Career counselors also advise against wearing too many bracelets or necklaces. Avoid hats and gloves also.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror before you go. Are your shoes shined or are they worn and scuffed? Are there any stains on your clothing or any discolorations? Are your fingernails clean?

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