Management Keys to Hiring Candidates Who Are Unemployed

It’s no secret that being unemployed while looking for a job is not the best situation. There is still a stigma attached to unemployment among many employers, even though it is illegal to discriminate against someone who does not have a job.

There are different reasons why companies prefer to hire someone who already has a job, some more rational than others. Companies use employment as a kind of proxy to help them determine if someone is a good worker. They assume if the person has a job with another company, he or she is valuable enough to the firm to retain.

Skill Erosion

Another reason companies are more wary of the unemployed is because of the erosion of skills. Someone who has been out of work for any length of time will experience a deterioration of their skills from disuse.

But a number of business experts say that companies who disdain the unemployed are passing up a valuable resource, especially when the labor market is as tight as it is now and companies are having real difficulty finding workers.

When looking at an unemployed job candidate, companies need to focus on the person’s skill set, rather than just their time without work. Many people who are out of work take measures to keep their skills as up to date as possible by doing volunteer work, for example, or going through additional training. So, their skills are still relatively sharp.

Moreover, taking the initiative to do these things shows a solid work ethic, dedication, and professionalism.

Desire to Work

For many, the stigma of unemployment is an unfair one. Many people who lose their job are exceptional workers. There is simply no position available for them. During the last recession, about 25 percent of employees lost their jobs through no fault of their own. These people have a good work ethic and want to work.

For these people, finding a job is the most important task in their life. Many are eager for work and will take entry-level positions at lower salaries. Rather than a detriment, these people actually represent a good opportunity for employers.

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