Having Trouble Finding the Right Employees?

Are your usual hiring methods not working as well as you would like? If so, you might want to take a look at using a recruiting agency to help you fill those open positions. There are plenty of good reasons for doing so. Here are a few.

The agency knows what the job market is like

They have a handle on what kind of talent is out there and where to look for it. Recruiting agencies also know what salaries are competitive and the kinds of skills that are needed for the job.

A good agency will work with your company to help you find the right people, to come up with solutions when you cannot fill openings.

The agency has an established network

Recruiters at the agency over time have built up a network of contacts in various companies, people they can consult to find the right person for the job. Because of these networks, recruiters are better able to locate passive job candidates, people not actively looking for work but who would be willing to move if they like the incentives.

They can save you time.

Companies spend a lot of time and effort in the hiring process formulating job descriptions, advertising, sifting through resumes and interviewing. By using a recruiting agency you can avoid all of that. The recruiter will only refer those candidates who are a good fit for the job, those who have the right qualifications. So, you can be sure the people you are getting are a good match as far as skills and experience.

And you are able to bring people onboard more quickly because the recruiting agency has already done the work of evaluating the candidates. You save time and money.

The agency can help market your company to job candidates

The recruiter will work with you every step of the way in the job process, not only in determining the skills and experience needed for the job but also in learning about the company culture as well, the mission, goals, and values of the company.

This is to ensure that the recruiter sends people who will be a good fit. It also enables the recruiter to represent your company to job candidates. He or she will be able to sell the company to them, to make the case for why the candidate should work there. Candidates also often feel more comfortable working with recruiters because they are not directly employed by the company.

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