Does a Unique Resume Help Your Job Chances?

You have some experiences that few others have. In a word, they are unique. Maybe you have traveled to distant parts of the world, spent time as a Peace Corps volunteer, worked as a teacher oversees. Or maybe you have some very specialized type of hobby that few others do – building custom motorcycles, for instance, or rock climbing.

And now you are applying for a job, and wondering whether you should put these things on your resume, or how you should portray them. Will they help you land the job? The answer is yes – if you present them in the right way. In other words, the guiding principle here is that you need to show how these activities will help you to perform the job for which you are applying. You need to relate these endeavors explicitly to the job and explain their relevance to job performance.

And you need to be clear. You need to spell out explicitly how these activities have helped you in terms of skills and experience acquired. For example, unique experiences and hobbies show that you are not a conformist, that you think for yourself, that you go outside the box. They show that you like new and different challenges, that you can think on your feet and are not averse to new experiences and changes.

Take rock climbing. Think about all of the skills and qualities that are needed to do this hobby. You have to do a lot of training and a lot of planning, which shows discipline and effort. It also shows someone who is willing to take risks.

Travel also has many benefits that apply to work. Again, traveling the world presents many unique challenges. You have to be able to improvise when plans change, or when things don’t go as expected. You learn about other cultures and peoples, expanding your knowledge of the world. It shows an adventurous spirit and someone with more than a little courage to do it on your own.

Both of these endeavors – extensive traveling and rock climbing – teach skills that are good to have, but you need to show how the particular skills you have acquired through these activities will help you do the job you are applying for. Don’t assume the hiring manager will make the connection. Explain how and why your unique skills will help you in the new job.

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