Interviewing Process – Be Efficient

Hiring new employees generally takes too long, especially when hiring for recent vacancies (as compared to hiring for newly created positions).

Read below for some tips on how to make your interview process more efficient at your Inland Empire company.

  • The process starts with your job description. Writing a great job description can cut days off the interview process because it will cut down on the number of people who apply (and the resumes you must cull through). How do you know when you’ve written a great job description?
    • It describes the critical/must-have skills and competencies that are necessary in order to perform the job.
    • It explains where the position fits in within your company’s overall hierarchy.
    • You can use it as the foundation of any employment contract you may write.
    • It also can serve as an effective performance management tool/benchmark.
  • A job description doesn’t just keep the unqualified from applying, it can attract the right kind of candidate. Decide what type of person would work best at your company/department and write the description with that person in mind.
  • As you decide on which applicants to interview, do a bit of extra research on the top ones in your list. Check out their social media sites. Google their names and see what comes up. Call previous employers and see if you can get an idea of a candidate from people who used to work with him/her. (If the candidate is still employed, don’t call the current employer; it’s common courtesy not to notify an employer that a worker is applying elsewhere.)
  • Write up a list of questions to ask before interviewing. Use the same list for each candidate during preliminary phone interviews. When it comes time to interview applicant in person, you can have a master list of questions you’ll ask each candidate, but leave yourself some room to ask different questions of different candidates.  Each person you interview will reveal different aspects of his or her background, education, work history, etc., during the interview and you want to have flexibility in your conversation.
  • Be careful about asking “magic bullet” questions. These usually are brainteaser-type questions and, while you think this will help you cull down the top candidates quickly, be aware that many of the most popular magic bullet queries – and their answers – are readily found on the Internet. What’s more, job seekers are becoming ever more savvy about their use and thus check for the latest and greatest online as part of their interview preparation.
  • Consider partnering with a staffing firm such as Arrow Staffing to help you with your interview process. We can have all resumes and applications sent to our office (instead of yours) and go through them, following criteria you set. We can then conduct preliminary interviews and send you only the top three or five candidates for a face-to-face. If you are looking for staffing agencies in Redlands CA, contact Arrow Staffing today.

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