How to Find Work in a High Unemployment Area

Unemployment in California still high, with those figures jumping precipitously in the Inland Empire. Here at Arrow Staffing, we see the frustration in our job seekers every single day.

So we’ve come up with a few tips to help Riverside and San Bernardino county job seekers find work. Please read below:

1) Naturally, we believe that one of the best ways to land work fast is to sign up with a staffing service such as Arrow Staffing. Before you say, “Yeah, but they are just temp jobs,” hear us out: Many temporary positions can be several weeks or months in length. In addition, many of our client companies end up hiring our employees. What’s more, working with a staffing service helps keep you busy, upgrades your skills and helps you close gaps in your employment history.

2)  If you’re desperate – and we understand how desperate these days can be – unfortunately this desperation is a turnoff to an employer. They want to hire someone who’s positive, has energy, is forward looking. In addition, employers don’t hire people out of “pity.” They hire people to solve problems.

If you’re in dire financial straits, we recommend that you find some kind of work to help you stay solvent. Check Craigslist, the Daily Bulletin, the Press-Enterprise, etc. for ways you can get some extra cash. Offer to babysit. Paint homes. Wash windows. Mow lawns. Tough times require tough people – think outside the box, stand proud and do what needs to be done to keep your head above water.

3) Don’t be shy. Tell everyone — and we mean everyone! — that you’re are looking for work. Have a “30-second elevator speech” that describes succinctly what it is you offer an employer. Mention to all your friends, neighbors, the clerk at the grocery store, etc., that you’re looking.

4) Look for work every day! Seven days a week if you have to! Make it your job to find a job. So that means networking, talking to people, looking for work on job boards, applying for positions, interviewing, eight hours a day until you find work.

5) Speaking of job boards, you might sign up for what are known as job alerts. You can specify what types of jobs you’re interested in and the location of the jobs and the job board will e-mail you notices when jobs that might interest you are posted.

6) Again, register with one or more staffing services. Truly, you could be working in mere days, if not hours. Contact a recruiter at Arrow Staffing now and get back to work quickly!

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