How to Upskill While You Search for a Job

Looking for a job can be a stressful experience. First, there’s a lot of work involved in developing a portfolio of resumes, researching possible employers, and submitting an application. Then, you have to deal with the defeated feeling that comes with multiple rejections. So, while it may seem strange to add another item to your plate, there’s something you should add to your job search routine to help you get the job you want: upskilling.

Upskilling refers to building on and increasing what you already know to make it possible to apply for jobs with advanced qualifications. Usually, upskilling is something you do once you’re already employed to move forward in your career path. But if you take these five steps, you can multiply your employment opportunities while growing professionally.

Make a List of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You need to know what you do well and what you don’t. This way, not only can you focus on jobs that play to your strengths, but you can also work to shore up your weaknesses and make it possible to broaden your job search.

Update Your Resume

Many job seekers are under the impression that one resume fits all. In other words, they write one resume and keep sending the same resume over and over again, regardless of the job they’re applying for. That can cause some anxiety if your resume doesn’t really fit a particular job opportunity. Save yourself that worry by being flexible enough to write different versions of your resume, each emphasizing the skills and experience that apply to a given position.

Learn New Skills and Build on Old Ones

People who are already employed have the advantage of learning and development opportunities offered through their jobs. The good news is that there are plenty of free online upskilling resources like Coursera, EdX, and Skillshare that offer courses and workshops. And if you don’t feel like going it alone, you can join online networking groups to get insights on how to build on your base of knowledge.

Build Your Network

Most job seekers know the importance of networking but find the idea of coming up with a list of brand-new professional connections to be a daunting task. But think about people you already know. Your family members, friends, neighbors, current and former co-workers, and even people you’ve only met once or twice are all part of your network. So, list them all—from your innermost circle to the most casual acquaintances—and start connecting the dots with places you’d like to work.

Sharpen Your Interview Skills

As you grow professionally through your job search, you’ll find more and more interview opportunities. To make the most of these opportunities, work on improving your interview skills.

This could be as simple as practicing in front of a mirror or as cutting edge as using AI to simulate a video interview through platforms such as StarsHunt, StandOut, and Justdone.

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