Managers – Transform Challenges into Opportunities in 5 Steps

As a leader, you’re responsible for leading your team toward a goal. That includes helping them navigate through obstacles that litter the path. But with that great responsibility comes great stress. You can’t serve others when your own cup is empty, and it’s important to keep your batteries charged through rest and self-care. Then, when you come up against a professional or personal problem, take these 5 steps to turn that challenge into an opportunity.

1. Establish Your Goals: One Goal at a Time

One of the biggest challenges of management is that there are so many issues you’re bombarded with that it can be overwhelming. To help dig your way out, choose one goal and focus on it. Clearly define both the goal and the benefits that will come with achieving it.

2. Make a List of What and Who You Need

Next, think through the process of attaining your goal. What resources will you need? Who are the stakeholders that you need to account for? Which team members and colleagues can contribute to your accomplishing your mission? This list will form the foundation of your action plan.

3. Identify All Possible Obstacles

Instead of flying blind toward your destination, take time to brainstorm the roadblocks that you could face along the way – because there will be roadblocks. From resource shortages to pushback from stakeholders, make a detailed list of the setbacks you may encounter.

4. Build Strategies That Address the Obstacles

This is where the rubber meets the road. Knowing what specific roadblocks you could face, formulate strategies that will allow you to navigate each challenge. And then sharpen the strategy by making it a measurable objective. For instance, if you’ve identified pushback from senior executives as a hazard, set this objective: Develop a presentation that addresses potential concerns by (date), and accompany it with a post-presentation survey to measure responses.

5. Execute the Plan with Confidence

This process is designed to give you calm confidence. When it’s time to set out toward your goal, you can introduce your team to your vision and highlight how each member can contribute to making it a reality. And because you’ve put in the work ahead of time, you can instill your self-assurance in the colleagues who will join you on your journey.

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