Learn How Playing Detective Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Whether you’ve just entered the workforce or you’re looking for a career change, this is a good time to be seeking employment. Many have described this as a job-seekers market. But the market is competitive for candidates, too, and that’s as true in Kentwood, Michigan, as it is nationally. One way to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates is to do your homework on the companies you interview with. Check out these research tips.

Start at the Source

The first step in learning about a potential future employer is to check out their website. Here, you can learn the company’s history, meet its key leaders, find out about the products and services the company offers, and get to know what type of customers they’re trying to reach. If you want to do some heavy lifting, look through their last few earnings reports to find out if the company is on an upward or downward track financially.

Get the Company Scoop on Its Social Media Channels

While a corporate website is a great place to pick up the basics of a company, its social media presence will give you more of an idea of its personality. Is your potential future employer active in the community? You’ll find out on social media. Many businesses feature employees on their channels, and that’s another great way to get a feel for the company culture.

Find Out What Current and Past Employees Think

If you’re ready to go behind the scenes and get some insight into what working at a company is really like, consider reading reviews from current and former employees. The most well-known site for this information is Glassdoor, but you can also read company reviews on Indeed, Kununu, and CareerBliss. These sites provide valuable insights into the interview process, starting salaries, how employees are treated, and much more. Just remember to read as many reviews as you can to avoid extreme reviews having a disproportionate impact on your opinion.

Once you’ve amassed intel on a possible employer, you can make an informed decision on how far to pursue the opportunity. And once you reach the interview stage, feel free to drop some hints that you’ve done your research. Not only will it show you’re excited about the opportunity, but it will also show you’re eager to learn.

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