5 Ways Finding a Mentor Could Help Your Career

It’s often said that when it comes to professional success, it’s not what you know but who you know that matters. The bad news is advancing on your career path requires both knowledge and connections. The good news is you can get plenty of both by finding a mentor—someone who advises and supports someone with less experience. This usually involves a relationship between an older employee and a younger one. Finding an “Obi Wan Kenobi” at your job can be crucial to meeting your professional goals. Here are five of the many benefits you can get from having a mentor:

A Nudge Toward Professional Development

One of the most fundamental things a mentor can provide is a kickstart toward your professional growth. They can point out resources to help you set goals, chart your career path, and advance through experience and education. A mentor can share their own journey and tell you what has and hasn’t worked for them along the way.


People who are trying to embrace a physically fit lifestyle often rely on personal trainers to help them reach their goals. Of course, a big reason for this is the exercise and diet information personal trainers provide. But another great reason for getting a personal trainer is the layer of accountability it introduces. The same applies to a professional mentor. Whatever your career goals may be, a mentor can remind you of your goals and the commitments you’ve made to reach them.

Leadership Skills

If it seems strange that following a mentor’s advice could help you be a better leader, consider this: a study conducted by Margret Leigh-Kathryn Hurlburt at Arizona State University found that students who participated in the school’s mentorship program were able to significantly develop so-called “soft” skills like self-awareness, adaptability, teamwork, collaboration, and verbal communication. It just so happens that these skills are sought after by company leaders. One conclusion you can draw from this is that it’s not just the knowledge you gain from a mentor that pays dividends; it’s also the relationship itself.

Confidence and Problem-Solving Ability

As you work with your mentor, you’ll come to appreciate their perspective, particularly in how they handle problem-solving. Learning how different approaches have helped your mentor identify and solve problems can build your confidence in your own problem-solving potential.

Network Building

Remember that bit about “who you know”? Building a professional network can produce an exponential boost to the opportunities available to you. In this regard, a mentor can serve as not only an important contact but also a conduit for meeting people in your field. The introductions your mentor provides turn into relationships that can support you as you work toward your career goals.

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