Shake Things Up with These 3 Fresh Interview Ideas

It’s no secret that the job interview is the most critical part of the recruiting and hiring process. Talent shortages are compelling hiring managers to take a fresh look at their interview process in an attempt to break the mold of stodgy, stress-inducing interviews. From changing interview settings to using technology to revamping tired questions, here are some interview innovations that can boost quality hires.

1. Take It Outside

One new approach is moving the interview location out of the office to a coffee shop or another, more casual venue. Scheduling an interview at a “neutral site” can help a candidate lower their shields and relax. Relaxed interviewees are much more likely to provide meaningful responses that help you get past stock answers.

2. Use Technology

Video interviews, while cutting-edge pre-pandemic, have become a dominant interview model. They can help you cast a wider net in your talent search; they allow you to get more interviewing done, and they allow you to review candidates’ answers with your hiring team after interviews conclude.

But video interviews aren’t the only tech tool recruiters are using. Virtual reality is becoming more affordable for business owners. Imagine using VR to make an immersive presentation to candidates about your company and its operations.

3. Ask Some Off-the-Beaten-Path Questions

If you want to put a fresh spin on the interview process, the easiest change you can make is in the questions themselves. We’re not suggesting that you ditch the old standbys like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” However, introducing some nontraditional questions like the ones below from Indeed can help you gauge candidates’ creativity and ability to think with agility.

  • If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be?
  • What advice would you give to your last boss?
  • How many footballs could you fit in this room?
  • Which superpowers would you choose?
  • What would you title your autobiography?

And if you really want to shake things up, you can try seeing how interviewees perform under pressure by literally having them perform under pressure—by answering a question in song. Opinions are mixed on whether this is a good idea, but if you’ve established a good rapport with a candidate, it may be something to try.

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