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Occasionally, we like to highlight a particular in-demand job, give you a more detailed job description, and help you start a search for that job in your area. This time around, we’re taking a look at what light industrial workers do, what they can make, and who’s hiring them.

Defining the Job

As is the case in many other production jobs, workers in light industrial positions make and assemble products in factories. The difference is that instead of creating products from raw materials, light industrial jobs involve creating larger products from prefabricated components.

Why Light Industrial Positions Are Desirable

Work in the light industrial sector has several advantages.

  • The experience you gain will transfer to several related industries.
  • “Soft skills” like communication and teamwork are vital in light industrial work, and sharpening these skills is a good idea whether you’re in manufacturing for the long haul or you move to a completely different work environment.
  • Unlike other positions, a light industrial job offers multiple options for shift and schedule, as many manufacturing facilities work 24/7.
  • As with any job that takes place on a production floor, light industrial positions offer the opportunity to build your physical fitness.

What You’ll Be Doing

Here’s a typical job description for a light industrial worker.

  • Following health and safety standards
  • Keeping your workstation and the production floor clean
  • Assembling products and parts
  • Following production guidelines and specifications
  • Operating and maintaining machinery and production line equipment
  • Monitoring the assembly line and removing defective products
  • Meeting production targets
  • Reporting any problems to the supervisor
  • Performing other duties as assigned

The Qualifications You Need to Meet

Production worker assignments usually have these requirements:

  • Attention detail
  • Trainability
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Experience operating manufacturing machinery
  • Aptitude in teamwork and communication
  • Reliability
  • Physical dexterity and strength
  • Welding experience

What You Could Earn

Indeed reports that the average salary for a light industrial worker in Michigan is $15.79/hr, or $36,886 per year. Local salaries may vary, of course. Check out the average salaries in these cities.

  • Detroit – $19.20 per hour and $39,928 annually
  • Grand Rapids – $16.49 per hour and $34,293 annually
  • Warren– $13.58 per hour and $31,737 annually

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