How to Set Your Team Up for Success in 2023

Now that the ball has dropped and the confetti has been swept away, it’s time for your team to chart a course for success in the new year. Mere resolutions won’t get it done; you need to spend time developing meaningful objectives that will give you a framework for reaching those goals. Here are six steps to help you plan successfully.

Look at the Big Picture

Before you start work on your team’s goals, take a moment to look at your company as a whole. Has there been any adjustment in your corporate mission? What trajectory did your business results follow in 2022? And what is your company‘s executive team’s vision for 2023? You’ll want to make sure your team goals align with and support that vision.

Get Tactical with a SWOT Analysis

Now that you’ve looked at the general direction your company is taking, it’s time to survey the landscape in which your team will be working. A great way to do this is by conducting a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Note that the first two items deal with internal factors – namely, what your team does well, and where they need work. Meanwhile, the last two steps in a SWOT analysis consider external factors that could build you up or drag you down.


Here’s where it’s time to actually write your 2023 goals. But not just any goals – your goals need to be SMART.

  • They Need to Be Specific – Make them as clear and detailed as possible.
  • They Need to Be Measurable – Instead of setting a goal for your team to be safer, state a goal for reducing your workplace accidents by 20%.
  • They Need to Be Achievable – Don’t set “aspirational” goals you know are impossible to reach. That’s a recipe for deflated morale.
  • They Need to Be Relevant – This is where your big-picture look will come in handy. Make sure your team’s goals will help your company reach its overarching goals.
  • They Need to Be Time-Based – Set a deadline for achieving your goals. And don’t just set year-end goals; build in milestones along the way that will keep you on pace.

Keep Your Eye on KPIs

If goals represent your ultimate destination, KPIs, or key performance indicators, are measurements that show whether you’re moving in the right direction. This could be a call center service rate, turnaround on product orders, or any yardstick that shows your progress.

Build in Accountability

Once you’ve identified your KPIs, build in a tracking system that will allow you to make course-corrections if you’re falling behind in any of your measurables. to track your progress over time.

Make sure you keep your

Celebrate Your Successes

employees aware of where you stand on KPIs and goal milestones. And when you meet or exceed a goal, provide employees with timely, meaningful incentives. Even if it’s just a big party, celebrating your team’s achievements will build morale and make it more likely you’ll hit your year-end targets.

Got Goals? Arrow Staffing Can Give You the Fuel to Reach Them

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