Flip the Script with These Questions You Can Ask Your Interviewer

We recently posted about how to shine in an experience-based interview. But here’s a secret: The best interviews aren’t one-sided. In fact, asking your interviewer a few well-chosen questions can help you make a great closing impression. Not only that, the answers you get could assure you that the job offered is the one you really want. Check out these examples.

1. What Would a Normal Day on the Job Look Like?

Not only can this question give you a clear snapshot of your role and responsibilities, it can help paint a picture of what going into work day-in and day-out would feel like. Does it sound like drudgery, or is it an environment you could thrive in?

2. What Will Define Success in this Position?

Again, with this question, you’re looking for both literal and subjective answers. Knowing the specific metrics by which you’ll be evaluated could help you decide if the job is a good fit – or if you could be biting off more than you can chew. In addition, hearing how your interviewer defines success could give you a good idea of what the company values most in its employees.

3. Who Will I Be Working With?

This question can give you several key pieces of information, including how large your team will be, what titles your colleagues have and how the team functions. It may even be possible for you to meet some of the people you might be working with at the end of the interview.

4. What Opportunities Do You Offer for Professional Growth?

A company with a dedicated learning and development department is a company that invests in its employees. But this question is about more than industry classes; it’s about learning what your career path could look like at the company. Are there opportunities for advancement? Does the company focus on hiring from within? The answers could let you know if you’re in line for a job or a career.

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