How to Seal the Deal on Job Offers

As a hiring manager, you can put a ton of good work into crafting a job description, mining for talent, and picking the best candidate for the position – only to have that candidate turn down your job offer. It happens more often than you might think – Glassdoor reports that 1 in 6 job offers are declined. So, how do you get to “yes”? Here are some suggestions for closing the sale on the candidate you want – starting with defining what you want in a candidate.

Design the Perfect Candidate

Put down your hiring manager hat for a second and pretend you’re a mad scientist. If you could build the perfect candidate, what would they look like? What background and qualifications would they have? Keep this profile in mind when you’re developing your list of prospects – and during your interviews. When you find those qualities in a candidate, make sure that they know you like what they bring to the table. That level of connection makes it more likely that they’ll accept if you make an offer.

Craft the Perfect Job Title and Description

Before you place an ad for your opening, remember that job listings are often just that – endless lists of what seem like identical postings. Make yours stand out by marketing the job, your company, and the employee experience. Then, create a job title that’s specific, straightforward, and not too short or too long. (A study by suggests the ideal length is between 50 and 60 characters.) Then, when your selected candidate is making their decision on a job offer, they’ll be more likely to remember what drew them to your opportunity in the first place.

Make Your Candidate Feel Wanted

The last thing you want candidates to feel after an interview is that it was “just another interview.” Emotionally connect with each potential employee you meet, and strive to make each one feel like they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t lead them on or make false promises, but take care to make the interview a positive experience that reinforces their desire to work for you.

Answer the Question: “What’s in It for Me?”

One of the best ways you can make sure the candidate you want accepts your job offer is to keep recruiting them even as you interview them. Sell them on the benefits of the job – not just in terms of compensation, but also in terms of what you offer from a career standpoint. This is where all the prep work you’ve done and the emotional investment you’ve made in the interview pays off. You should know exactly what checkboxes the candidate is wanting to mark.

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