Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged and Involved

Remote work appears to be here to stay. What was once thought as a temporary solution to keep employees safe during the pandemic has become a new model for efficiency and work/life balance. In fact, Microsoft reports that 66 percent of businesses are considering redesigning their workplaces with hybrid work environments in mind. But while remote work can be convenient, it can leave employees feeling like they’re alone on an island. Here are a few tips to avoid sacrificing engagement while accommodating remote work.

Nurture Employee Relationships

Establishing and maintaining a personal connection with employees can help them feel less distant. You don’t have to dig into their personal business; just recognize them as human beings that aren’t necessarily defined by their jobs. You can use both virtual team meetings and regular one-on-one chats to build the feeling that you know and value your employees. And you can help build relationships among your team members by making time for them to talk about their hobbies, ask questions, and chat about what else is going on in their lives.

Beat Burnout by Making Work Easier

The same Microsoft study referenced above shows that more than half of the employees surveyed feel overwhelmed by their work duties. The effect of this exhaustion can be even harder to bear for a remote worker. To address this potential engagement-killer, work to find ways to ease their workload. This may mean simplifying and streamlining work processes or enabling better collaboration within your team. Investigate software and other tools to make this happen.

Recognize and Reward Your Employees

Employees who feel appreciated are less likely to feel distanced from their team. Place a strong emphasis on timely, specific recognition for a job well done. Find out from your employees what forms of recognition are the most meaningful. It could be time off, gift cards, movie tickets or special activities. And for an even greater impact, have your team members identify which of their co-workers are most deserving of recognition.

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