Use These Tips for More Effective Recruiting

Some call it “The Great Resignation.” Others call it a “workforce crisis.” Nicknames aside, the skilled labor shortage that dominated an employment landscape ravaged by COVID in 2021 has rolled on into 2022, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Consider these statistics from the United States Chamber of Commerce:

  • There were 10.6 million vacant job openings in the U.S — a record high — at the end of November 2021. That means that if every single unemployed worker started a job tomorrow, there would still be more than 2.5 million unfilled openings.
  • That’s because there is less than one available worker for every job opening. The ratio of 0.76 available workers per opening is the lowest it has ever been. The historical average, for context, is 2.7 workers/opening.
  • An overwhelming number (94%) of state and local chambers say businesses in their area are finding it difficult or very difficult to find workers.

All of this means you need to up your recruitment game to find the talent you need. Here are a few pointers.

Cast a Broader Net

Traditional recruiting focuses on candidates who walk in the door looking for a job or those who respond to job postings. But here’s a secret: Your next big hire may be someone who isn’t even looking for a job. Take some time to wade a bit deeper into the talent pool.

One way to do this is to scope out gatherings of industry specialists that aren’t tied specifically to job-hunting. Visit a networking meetup and look for professionals who are proud of and passionate about what they do.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Sure Thing

While exploring the road not taken for candidates is a great practice, don’t miss out on great job seekers who fall into your lap. If an applicant has done the exact job you’re hiring for – and they’ve done it well – you could get an easy win. Make it a priority to hire a candidate in whom you see the potential to perform great right out of the gate.

Go Skill-Mining Within Your Organization

If you’re having trouble finding qualified external candidates, cross-train your employees to get them the skills you need. This approach can also strengthen your retention, as employees are more likely to stay with a company that will help them grow professionally. Plus, the success story behind a promotion from within can be a tremendous morale boost.

Get Current Employees Involved in Recruiting

Plenty of companies reap the benefits of a referral program. (By the way, if you haven’t started a referral program with meaningful incentives, do it now.) But you can give your recruiting an even bigger boost when you give your employees an even larger role. Consider inviting someone at your company with a similar role to the position you’re recruiting for to participate in the interview process. These would-be peers know what the job entails and what it would take for a candidate to be a success in the position.

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