Why Communicating with Your Employees Is So Important – And How to Do It Better

It seems obvious – companies who have effective communication are more successful. Engaged employees are much more likely to stay with your company, and a high engagement level depends on good two-way communication. And yet, many organizations struggle with it. A survey by Interact found that 57% of employees feel they’re not given clear directions, while 69% of managers aren’t comfortable communicating with their employees in general.

Why Is Communication So Important?

To understand how to improve your communication with employees, it helps to know specifically why it’s vital to your success. On a broad level, it builds a positive corporate culture because everyone is on the same page when it comes to a company’s vision, mission, and goals. Meanwhile, in terms of day-to-day operations, strong communication builds accountability and helps avoid the type of confusion that can bring productivity to a standstill.

How Can You Build More Effective Communication?

Here are five quick keys.

  1. Encourage two-way communication – Make it clear that your employees know that your door is always open. Ask for suggestions for improving work processes, then follow through by implementing them.
  2. Tell people what they are doing right – Unfortunately, many employees only expect to hear from management when something is wrong. Reinforce behavior that helps your company reach its goals through timely recognition.
  3. Give concrete feedback – Whether you’re praising employees for a job well done or giving negative feedback in a positive way, communicate specifically and descriptively.
  4. Schedule regular check-in sessions – You can get more effective communication with you give employees more opportunities to communicate. Set up periodic meetings to touch base. It’s ok if some of these check-ins never get beyond small talk; the important thing is to establish the expectation for continual communication.
  5. Organize team-building activities – Put both business-focused activities and socializing opportunities on the calendar. Building camaraderie can give your company a strategic edge while improving engagement and retention.

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