Closed-Ended Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates

You want job interviews to provide lots of information. That way, you can use interviews to learn about candidates, their skills, and their experience. However, when you host interviews, you need to ask the right questions. You should even use closed-ended interview questions.

What Are Closed-Ended Interview Questions?

Closed-ended job interview questions require simple, informational answers. In many instances, these questions can be answered with a “yes” or “no.” Even though the questions may seem basic, they can provide immense value.

Using closed-ended interview questions may open the door to an in-depth conversation with a job candidate. From here, a candidate can provide insights that give you a better idea about whether this individual can thrive with your company.

Of course, closed-ended questions let you learn about a candidate’s skills and experience as well. If a candidate has the right mix of skills and experience, you may want to consider adding him or her to your team.

3 Closed-Ended Interview Questions You Need to Ask Candidates

1. What is the longest you’ve ever worked for an employer?

Ask this question to find out how long a candidate has stayed with a company. If a candidate’s longest tenure with an employer is only a few months, it may be a sign that this individual is frequently looking for their next best career opportunity. Conversely, if a candidate has stayed with an employer for many years, it may be a sign that this individual is loyal. In this instance, you may want to ask the candidate why he or she is considering new career opportunities elsewhere, too.

2. Are you comfortable working in a remote or hybrid environment?

Find out if a job candidate can handle the responsibilities that come with working remotely or in a hybrid environment. Some candidates prefer working in an office. Meanwhile, other candidates can thrive working in a remote or hybrid environment. These candidates may provide details about how they use multiple communication platforms to engage with their work peers, regardless of location.

3. Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team?

Determine if a candidate can succeed working independently, as part of a team, or both. If a candidate prefers working on their own, ask this individual to share examples of times when he or she was successful doing so. Comparatively, if a candidate prefers working as part of a team, find out how this individual previously contributed to a team’s success.

Use Closed-Ended Interview Questions to Evaluate Job Candidates

Closed-ended job interview questions can help you assess candidates. They can also be used in conjunction with open-ended interview questions. Then, you can ask candidates a series of questions and get the insights you need to make the best-possible hiring decisions.

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