How to Hire a Top Administrative Assistant

You want a top administrative assistant on your team. However, finding the right administrative assistant is rarely simple. You may search far and wide for quality administrative assistant job candidates. Despite your best efforts, you may come up short in your quest to find a candidate who matches your expectations.

Ultimately, there is steep competition for administrative assistants. But, there are several things you can do to put your company in a great position to hire a top administrative assistant. These include:

1. Craft a Detailed Job Description

Create a job description that outlines what you want from your ideal candidate. The description should include information about the job’s responsibilities. Also, it should provide details about the salary range and benefits your company offers.

If you craft a detailed job description, you can show candidates exactly what a role entails. Plus, you can make it easy for candidates to determine if they have what it takes to thrive with your company. If so, many outstanding candidates may want to join your company as an administrative assistant.

2. Share Your Job Posting on Social Media

Along with posting your administrative assistant job on your website, share your posting on social media. Use LinkedIn and other social media websites to promote your posting to a wide range of candidates. In addition, encourage your employees to share your posting with their family and friends on social media.

It is beneficial to get your administrative assistant job posting in front of many candidates. If a candidate sees your job posting in their social media feed, this individual may respond right away. From here, you can review this candidate’s skills and experience and determine if this individual is the right fit for your company.

3. Request Employee Referrals

Ask your employees to refer anyone who they believe may be a good candidate to fill an administrative assistant role. You can even offer incentives to encourage workers to refer candidates.

An employee referral program can go a long way toward improving worker retention and satisfaction. The program lets workers refer candidates who can help your business succeed. At the same time, it may allow employees to work with their friends. The result: your business can become more productive, and your employees can enjoy working with their peers.

4. Assess a Job Candidate’s Skills

Give an administrative assistant job candidate a chance to show what he or she can accomplish. For instance, you can ask a candidate to complete a typing test. Or, you can request a candidate compose a sample email that could be sent to a client.

It helps to get a firsthand look at how a job candidate may perform. Once you assess a candidate’s skills, you are better equipped than ever before to make an informed hiring decision.

Ready to Hire a Top Administrative Assistant?

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