Managing Seasonal Hiring Needs

Manufacturing demand ebbs and flows. Meanwhile, you need quality staff on hand year-round. Fortunately, you can plan ahead to manage your seasonal hiring needs. That way, you can minimize the risk of a staffing shortage.

Tips to Manage Seasonal Hiring Needs

1. Forecast Demand

If possible, look at past manufacturing demand at different times during the year. This can give you insights to help you make data-driven forecast projections. From here, you can determine how much staff you’ll need during busy periods.

2. Look for Workers Weeks or Months in Advance

Give yourself ample time to recruit talent to fill roles. You can offer temp roles to manufacturing job candidates in search of seasonal work. To fill these roles, you can offer a competitive salary and other perks. Furthermore, you can promote these job vacancies on LinkedIn and other online outlets.

3. Conduct Research

Find out how your company stacks up against industry rivals. It can be beneficial to survey current employees on their satisfaction with their jobs and their compensation demands. This can provide you with insights to ensure you can offer great salaries and benefits packages to seasonal workers.

4. Provide Training

Offer training to ensure seasonal workers are well-equipped to hit the ground running. Develop a training program designed to help seasonal employees learn the ins and outs of a manufacturing role. The program can be completed in advance of starting a job with your company. It enables a worker to join your business and contribute immediately.

5. Reach Out to Part-Time and Temp Workers Who Are Already on Staff

Promote seasonal job opportunities to part-time or temp workers on staff. For instance, you can encourage a part-time employee to accept a seasonal job that lets him or her work full time. Or, you can extend a temp worker’s contract so he or she can stay on staff during your busy season.

Want Extra Help with Managing Your Seasonal Hiring Needs? Partner with a Staffing Agency

You may commit significant time, energy, and resources to recruit seasonal workers. Regardless, you may be forced to compete with dozens of manufacturers for top talent. Moreover, with the Great Resignation in full swing, you may find it difficult to keep workers happy. If you cannot do so, you risk losing talented workers to industry rivals.

Ultimately, you may need extra help to manage your seasonal hiring needs. At this point, you can partner with a staffing agency that understands the complexities of seasonal hiring.

A staffing agency can learn about your business and when you need to hire talent. Next, the agency can recruit job candidates on your behalf. The agency will look far and wide for the right candidates to fill roles across your operations. It will ensure you can quickly add talent and avoid staffing shortages now and in the future.

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