Different Types of Warehouse Jobs

You want a career that is both challenging and rewarding. To achieve your goal, you may want to pursue warehouse jobs. Once you do, you’ll find many career opportunities at your disposal.

Now, let’s look at four types of warehouse jobs and the duties and responsibilities associated with them.

1. Material Handler

A material handler pulls and reviews materials and supplies for production orders. This professional tracks and organizes inventory, loads and unloads packages, and documents orders. Plus, the handler is responsible for keeping loading areas and machinery clean.

Most companies want material handlers who possess at least a high school diploma. The best material handlers have strong communication and organizational skills. These handlers are familiar with forklifts, pallet jacks, and other warehouse equipment. They are able to handle the physical demands of working on their feet for long periods of time, too.

2. Order Picker

Warehouses employ order pickers who pick up and deliver the materials needed to fill orders. Order pickers typically use a forklift or other type of lift truck to collect these materials. They then deliver the materials to ensure orders are fulfilled on schedule.

To become an order picker, a license is needed to operate a forklift or other types of lifting trucks. In addition, an order picker needs to be able to pay attention to detail to ensure orders are fulfilled with precision and care. An order picker should possess good physical strength and stamina as well.

3. Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates handle logistics behind orders. They receive, process, and store inventory based on purchase orders and other requirements. Also, they look for order defects before products are shipped to customers.

The most in-demand warehouse associates know the ins and outs of a warehouse data system. They are team players and do everything in their power to help a warehouse run at peak levels.

4. Forklift Operator

For those who want to operate a forklift, becoming a lift operator is ideal. A forklift operator uses a lift to load and unload deliveries and stack and store boxes.

Most forklift operators have a high school diploma and are in excellent physical condition. They must also possess a forklift license.

How to Search for Different Types of Warehouse Jobs

To begin looking for different types of warehouse jobs, consider your career goals. Think about what you want to achieve in your career. Next, you can determine what warehouse jobs align with your career expectations.

Send your resume and other warehouse application materials to employers. Enroll in training and certification programs to gain the skills you need to succeed as a warehouse employee. Continue to build your warehouse skill set over time.

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