How to Decline a Job Offer But Keep the Door Open

You may look far and wide for jobs. Eventually, you may receive a job offer that is good, but not great from a company. At this point, you can decline the offer but keep the door open to future career opportunities with the business.

Ultimately, it may seem difficult to move past a job proposal and keep the door open. However, there are several things you can do to maintain a positive relationship with a company after you decline its offer.

Here are three tips to decline a job offer without burning any bridges.

1. Be Honest

Offer an honest explanation of why you are declining a job offer. In this instance, the company may be able to work with you to improve their offer. Or, if the business cannot, it can always let you know if things change down the line.

2. Express Gratitude

Thank the company for providing you with a job offer. Although you plan to decline the offer, you can still express gratitude for giving you the opportunity to move forward in the interview process.

3. Stay in Touch

Connect with anyone you engaged with during the interview process on LinkedIn. This allows you to grow your professional network. Plus, you can keep in touch with employees from the company going forward.

What to Do After You Decline a Job Offer

If you decline a job offer, you may have concerns that you’re making the wrong decision. As such, you need to plan how you will act after you make your decision. This helps ensure you feel confident in your choice to move on from an offer. It also allows you to continue your job search and identify your ideal role as quickly as possible.

Typically, it helps to consider a job offer in detail. Weigh the pros and cons of the offer and how it aligns with your career goals.

If a job proposal falls short of your requirements, think about why this is the case. At this time, you can submit a counteroffer to a company. Or, you may be ready to decline the offer altogether.

Once you decline a job offer, keep looking for your dream job. If you have second thoughts about the offer, you can always follow up with the company down the line. And if you decline the offer and keep the door open, you may be well-equipped to capitalize on a second opportunity to work with the business.

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