What Are Considered Part-Time Hours? Here’s What You Need to Know

The definition of “part-time hours” has changed drastically over the years. Ultimately, the definition of a part-time job varies based on the employer. Let’s answer some of the biggest questions surrounding part-time roles to understand why.

What Do “Part-Time Hours” Mean Exactly?

An employer distinguishes part- and full-time jobs, the part-time employee works fewer hours than their full-time counterpart. Yet, the exact number of hours for part- and full-time employment is determined by the employer.

Many employers define full-time employment as working anywhere from 35 to 45 hours per week. In these instances, part-time employment is defined as working less than the employer’s definition of full-time.

Which Is Better: Working Part Time or Full Time?

It can be tough to decide between working part-time and full-time. To make the right choice, it helps to weigh the pros and cons of both options.

Workers may prefer part-time roles for several reasons, including:

  • Flexibility: Workers have the flexibility to choose their hours.
  • Work-Life Balance: Since an employee is working fewer hours than they would in a full-time role, the job can be less stressful. This can lead to an improved work-life balance.
  • Earnings: A worker may be able to earn more by splitting their time between multiple jobs in lieu of one full-time role.

On the other hand, workers select full-time roles for myriad reasons, such as:

  • Job Security: A full-time job offers the assurance that a worker will receive a steady income.
  • Benefits: Full-time employees may qualify for health insurance and other benefits.
  • Fixed Schedule: Many employees prefer the fixed schedule of a full-time job in contrast to sporadic hours that come with other roles.

Both full- and part-time jobs can offer career advancement opportunities. Those who work hard and do their best are well-equipped to accelerate their career growth, regardless of the type of role they accept.

Should I Pursue a Part- or Full-Time Job?

If you’re on the fence about pursuing a part- or full-time job, consider your options carefully. This ensures you can make an employment decision that serves you well long into the future.

Generally, a part-time job is a great choice for individuals who value flexibility. The role can help you build your skill set or pursue a new career. It can provide you with an opportunity to grow your professional network, too.

A full-time role offers more security than a part-time job. In this role, you’ll likely be required to work a certain number of hours each week. You may qualify for benefits and other perks as well.

Conduct a thorough evaluation of part- and full-time jobs in your industry. Next, you can make an informed decision on what type of job suits you perfectly.

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