How Can a Bad Candidate Experience Lead to Ghosting?

You want job candidates to enjoy their experiences with your company. But, despite your best efforts, you may find candidates frequently ghosting your business. One of the biggest reasons why this can happen: is a bad candidate experience.

With a clear understanding of your candidate experience, you can guard against ghosting. Plus, you can find ways to ensure candidates enjoy their experiences with your company now and in the future.

Causes of Candidate Ghosting

Here are three factors that can contribute to a bad candidate experience and lead to ghosting — and how to address them.

1. Poor Communication

Job candidates want updates as they move through your interview and hiring processes. Yet, there can be times when you fail to keep candidates in the loop regarding their job status. This lack of communication can cause candidates to feel your company is not interested in hiring them. And it can lead candidates to pursue career opportunities elsewhere.

Keep the lines of communication open as you engage with job candidates. Encourage candidates to reach out via phone call, email, or other communication methods for updates. Furthermore, follow up with candidates frequently as they pursue career opportunities with your business.

2. Lack of Visibility

You must provide job candidates with insights into how your business plans to fill an open role. Otherwise, candidates may have more questions than answers surrounding this role. As a result, candidates may feel confused, due to the fact that your company offers few details about the job. At this time, candidates may move forward with job opportunities at other businesses in your industry.

Be transparent with job candidates. You should be ready to answer any questions surrounding open jobs with your business. In addition, be upfront with candidates. Even if you do not hire a candidate, you can still provide them with honest feedback about your decision. This can help you foster long-lasting relationships with candidates. It minimizes the risk of future ghosting from candidates, too.

3. No Feedback Requested

Your candidate experience remains a work in progress. Although you work diligently to optimize your candidate experience, you need to search for ways to improve it constantly. However, if you ignore candidate feedback, you risk missing out on opportunities to enhance your candidate experience. You also can miss out on an opportunity to bolster your company’s brand reputation and improve your relationships with candidates.

Ask candidates to provide feedback about their experiences with your company. This feedback can give you insights into your candidate experience. From here, you can implement the feedback to bolster your candidate experience.

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