How to Deal with Employees Who Leave Work Early

It is normal to feel concerned about employees who leave work early. But it pays to be proactive with these workers. Because if you deal with this issue in its early stages, you can prevent it from becoming a recurring problem.

Now, let’s look at four tips to help you deal with employees who often leave work early.

1. Find Out Why Your Employees Leave Work Early

Meet with an employee to discuss the issue. But, do not assign blame for the problem. Rather, take the time to learn why the employee leaves work before their shift ends. In some instances, an employee may need to exit work early to pick up their child from daycare or school. Or, there may be instances when an employee needs to visit a doctor’s office. Some employees may leave work early to avoid a long commute, too. Once you know why the issue is occurring, you and your employee can work together to address it.

2. Act Like a Leader

Provide support to employees who leave work early, regardless of why they do so. If an employee has a legitimate reason for exiting work prior to the end of their shift, offer to help them in any way possible. For employees who often leave work early without a legitimate reason, discuss their work hours. If there is anything you can do to help these workers, you need to do it. That way, you can help these employees maximize their productivity.

3. Hold Your Employees Accountable If They Often Leave Work Early

Give your employees every opportunity to perform their best on any work schedule. However, ensure your employees are aware of the consequences if they do not comply with their work hours. if an employee understands and accepts their work schedule and does not comply with it consistently, they should be penalized accordingly. If a worker constantly leaves work early without your permission, you may need to dismiss this employee.

4. Leverage a Staffing Firm

Utilize temporary staffing if you want to quickly add top talent to fill roles across your business. A staffing firm enables you to hire quality professionals of all skill and experience levels. It ensures you can recruit these professionals to perform tasks during designated work hours, without the risk of them leaving early. And if a temp hire works out well, you can always make them a permanent addition to your team.

Find Exceptional Talent for Your Business

You may do everything in your power to deal with employees who leave work early. Despite your best efforts, some employees may struggle to stay on schedule. In these instances, you may need to look elsewhere for help. As such, you can partner with a temporary staffing firm to hire top talent at your convenience.

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