“Tell Me About Yourself” – How to Best Answer This Interview Question

Inevitably, you will be asked the dreaded question, “Please Tell Me About Yourself.” On the surface, this seems like the most straightforward question in the world to answer, but as you think of what you want to say, you suddenly realize that you don’t know what you want to say! Is the interviewer asking about your personal life (e.g., where you’re from), or do they want to know about your professional achievements? Enter that moment of panic! Here’s some advice on how to prepare a great answer to this infamous interview question.

Avoid Long Personal Stories

If a personal life experience led you to your current career path, it is okay to give a brief synopsis. For instance, if you adopted a child that led you to social work, then, by all means, mention it. Otherwise, steer clear of an autobiography that has nothing to do with your career, present, or future.

Begin With the Present

Start with a bang, get the interviewer hooked. This could be a significant accomplishment, such as publishing a paper or receiving a distinguished award—segue into your current job and the scope of your duties.

Tell the Interviewer Your Career Aspirations

Let the interviewer know your future career goals and why they are important to you. This shows your ambition and dedication to your job. Now is also a great time to explain why the job you are interviewing for is a great fit.

Show Passion

Employers want candidates who are passionate about what they do. Passion translates into a higher level of productivity, efficiency, and a lower turnover rate. All of these traits are appealing to employers and will be sure to skyrocket you to the top of the pile.

Be Prepared

There’s no need to memorize your answer to this question, but you should certainly be prepared. Take a few minutes to make notes of the points you want to make. You can even take these notes to the interview along with your resume and cover letter.

Land Your Dream Job Faster

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