Top Qualities to Look for In Your Next Machine Operator

Machine operators are crucial members of production facilities. They are responsible for safely operating and maintaining complex equipment used in manufacturing. Hiring high-quality machine operators are the first step to ensuring seamless operations and preventing avoidable accidents and injuries on the job. Manufacturing staffing has its unique challenges. Let’s take a look at the top qualities you should look for in your next machine operator.

Willingness to Be Accountable

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Machine operators must know what theirs are and know when to ask for help. When mistakes are made, the best candidates accept blame and take measures to correct the issue.

Problem Solving Skills

Successful candidates have the ability to think fast on their feet. They can analyze a problem and come up with a viable solution quickly. Identifying the most common issues and making the needed repairs (if possible) translates into fewer hours of downtime and a decrease in cost when a mechanic does not have to be called in. The best machine operators will devise more efficient ways to meet their quotas.

Versatility Handling Equipment

Even if machine operators are not handling heavy equipment daily, it is best to safely operate every type of machinery on the floor. Versatility means they have the ability to fill in gaps when needed, which is an invaluable asset in a pinch.

Technical Literacy Skills

The best candidates must be able to read sophisticated blueprints and schematics. Technical literacy skills allow machine operators to easily interpret documents and take the appropriate actions.

Excellent Communication Skills

Often, machine operators work solo, but this does not mean they work in complete isolation. Having good communication skills and the willingness to work with a team keeps operations running smoothly and increases productivity.

Attention to Detail

Operating machines is an inherently dangerous job and requires precision and focus. Machine operators must be detail-oriented and focus on performing repetitive tasks for long periods. Candidates need to demonstrate they pay attention to even the most minor details to avoid machine malfunctions and injuries.

Find Your Next Machine Operator

Machine operators are the heartbeat of production facilities. Making the right hire makes all the difference in a smooth-running operation and one that is dysfunctional. Arrow Staffing specializes in recruiting machine operators. Using our extensive network, combined with cutting-edge processes, our staffing specialists will find top-quality candidates that fit your facility’s personnel needs. Don’t waste time finding a needle in the haystack. Partner with Arrow Staffing and request an employee today!

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