Common Resume Mistakes

Resumes are often thought of as a tedious part of the application process. However, they are arguably the most critical part of landing your dream job. It is easiest to think of your resume as the first impression you will make on potential employees. Just as you would think twice about buying a car with a bunch of dents, an employer will think twice about hiring a candidate whose resume is littered with mistakes. Avoid missing out on available jobs in Grand Rapids by avoiding these common resume mistakes!

Typos Galore!

Nothing will turn off a hiring manager quicker than a resume that has numerous typos. If you don’t care enough about grammar and spell checking your resume, employers will assume that you won’t make an effort at their company either. Take the time to run your resume through a grammar checker and fix any mistakes.

Generic Resume Insult

It may be tempting to save yourself some time and submit the same resume for every job. Guess what? Employers can tell, and it is insulting that you do not think highly enough of their position to tailor your resume to it. For every job that you apply to, be sure to tweak your resume to be specific to each open position.

Getting Too Personal

It is best if resumes are one page but no more than two. Do not waste valuable space talking about your aunt’s cat or that you like to spend your weekends watching football. Instead, focus on providing information that will prove you will be a valuable asset in the company’s open position.


Sometimes less is more! Hiring managers will only take several seconds at most to scan your resume. If there are too many large blocks of text and not easily scannable, the chances are good that the employer will be placed in the discard pile. Be as concise as possible and use bullet points where possible to make it easier to read.

Unprofessional Contact Information

Using unprofessional contact information is a huge turnoff for employers. Make sure you use your real name and not a nickname. Even if all your friends call you “Bubba,” you should opt for your real name. Using your high school email address,, is not attractive. If you do not already have a professional email, quickly create one for free. It is best to use some variation of your first and last name.

Find Your Perfect Job (With Our Help)!

Your resume is a snapshot of your professional life and should present you in the best light possible. Avoid these common resume mistakes and land the job of your dreams!

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