How to Create a Stress-Free Interview

Resumes are great for understanding the qualifications of a candidate. However, the interview is the best tool for getting a 360-degree view of the interviewee’s skills and personality to determine if they are a good fit. Unfortunately, there is no single method that is perfect for guaranteeing the qualifications of a candidate. Interviews have one major drawback. Just like some people are not good test-takers, some people are not good at interviews. You may have the best candidate sitting right in front of you who would make an exceptional employee, but they are a nervous wreck, so you pass them up. How do you prevent this from happening? Let’s take a look at how you can create a stress-free interview.

Properly Prepare the Candidate Beforehand

Nobody likes walking into an interview blind. Therefore, at least a couple of days before the interview, provide as much information to your candidates as you can so they can prepare. A candidate who feels prepared tends to be calmer and less nervous. The following are examples of information candidates will want to know beforehand:

  • Meeting place and time
  • Participants in the interview
  • Topics to be covered in the interview
  • Duration of the interview
  • Appropriate dress for the interview

Instantly Make Your Candidates Feel Welcome

First impressions are everything and happen within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. You can instantly set your interviewees at ease by how you greet them. First, introduce yourself with a warm smile. Then, give a quick lay of the land, including where the restroom facilities are, and ask if they need a glass of water or cup of coffee.

Do not make candidates sit alone for long periods of time in an empty room. It is also advisable to choose an interview room that fits the size of the party. For instance, if you will only have three interviewers and one candidate, do not choose a large room with a table for twelve as it can be very intimidating to already nervous candidates. Finally, a good rule of thumb is to treat your candidates as if they were guests in your home.

Be Straightforward

Many interviewers believe asking candidates trick questions will reveal who is the most qualified and who isn’t. However, this is far from the truth. You won’t necessarily gain anything valuable, and the candidate will be left feeling as if you do not trust their abilities. So instead, start off slow. Ask easy questions to help candidates feel at ease, such as, “Tell me about your previous job?” or even “Where are you from?”. These are great icebreakers that you can follow with the meat of the interview.

Allow Candidates Time to Ask and Answer Questions

There’s no question that you have a million things to do, but when in an interview, act as if it is the only place you need to be. When you ask candidates questions, be sure to give them plenty of time to answer and do not rush their answers. On the flip side, be sure to provide plenty of time for candidates to ask you questions about the position and company.

Stress-Free Interviews Lead to Great Hires

An interview can make or break how you feel about a candidate. The good news is these tips will help you create a stress-free interview to get to know the real candidate and make an informed decision.

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