Beyond the Paycheck: What Additional Benefits You Can Expect from Arrow Staffing

There’s no doubt that the ability to pay your bills is first and foremost of the utmost importance. After all, the whole purpose of working is to be able to support your family, and if a job does not allow you to do this, it is not worth pursuing. However, there is more to consider than the salary when looking for a new job. Often, the additional benefits can be worth just as much as the pay, if not more. The pros of working for a company should go beyond the salary. Any leading staffing agency offers just this. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect from Arrow Staffing.

Benefits of Working for Arrow Staffing

The benefits of working as a contract employee for Arrow Staffing reach far beyond just drawing a paycheck. We value our employees and make sure they know this. First of all, you can expect a competitive pay rate that aligns with the market value for the particular position you are filling. Furthermore, we also offer a number of perks that make working for Arrow Staffing a wise career choice.

  • Referral bonuses – Every time you recommend a candidate for a position and they are hired, you receive compensation to show our appreciation.
  • Employee-of-the-month recognition – Each month, we choose an employee-of-the-month who exemplifies an excellent work ethic and all the qualities Arrow Staffing stands for.
  • Permanently hired recognition – Receive the recognition you deserve when you become permanently hired.
  • Low-cost medical insurance – Nobody should be without insurance. Make sure you and your family are covered with our affordable health insurance plan.
  • Self-guided skills computer tutorial – Want to hone your skills? No problem! Our computer tutorials allow you to polish current skills or learn new ones…on our dime!
  • Scholarship program – Oak Valley College offers Arrow Staffing associates a $4,000 scholarship to receive their business degree.
  • Entertainment discounts – Take advantage of the many discounts to many local attractions available through Fun Express!

Join the Arrow Staffing Family!

We care about the well-being of our employees and make sure that it shows through our offerings. Are you ready to be a part of a community that offers great pay and even better benefits? We welcome hard-working job seekers. Our specialists are dedicated to finding positions that fit your current skill set and align with your career goals. Don’t waste another minute. Browse open contract jobs in Grand Rapids today! Your future awaits, and it is time to go beyond the paycheck!

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