Why More College Graduates Should Consider Temporary Roles

There’s a common misconception that you need to have your entire career path planned out by the time you graduate college. Don’t worry! There’s no truth to this. In fact, you may not even know exactly what you want to do within the IT industry. It’s perfectly normal and even advisable to take some time to explore your options before committing. How can you afford to do this when the bills keep coming? Taking on temp work is the best way to figure out which type of IT work you enjoy and things you never want to do again in your life while still paying the bills. Let’s take a look at why college graduates should consider temporary roles!

If You Like It, That’s Great and If Not – No Worries!

Employers are not expecting a long-term commitment, so there’s no need to worry about burning bridges. If you enjoy the job and feel that it is where you want to be, that’s great. However, if it’s a position you don’t enjoy as much as you thought you would when the end date comes, you’re free to move on to your next opportunity. No harm, no foul! You haven’t tarnished your new professional reputation in the least.

Find Your Passion

Working multiple temporary positions across different areas is a great way to find where your passion lies. Many times what new grads think they want to do and what they actually enjoy when they get in the field are two different things. Temp positions allow you to understand the day-to-day tasks and what a full-time IT career will look like if you choose to stay in a particular area.

Great Stepping Stones

Let’s say you know what your dream job is and the company you want to work for. The only problem is they do not have any full-time positions open. Look for temp jobs and apply. It is an alternative and often a much easier way to get your foot in the door. Once hired, work as hard as you can to show your worth. It is common for companies to use temp positions to vet candidates for potential full-time employment. This means you stand an excellent chance of moving from your temp job into a permanent position.

Gain Experience

One of the biggest obstacles for new graduates is that they have the education but not necessarily the field experience. Temp jobs are a great way to flesh out your resume with experience, helping you land your dream job when it comes your way!

Ready to Find Your First Temp Position?

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