5 Tips for Increasing Workplace Safety on a Budget

Safety is and should be a priority for every business. The well-being of your employees is your primary concern. However, what many businesses do not realize is that the cost of injuries can sink your company. Some positions inherently carry more risk than others. For example, receptionist positions are less hazardous than forklift operator jobs. No matter how high or low the risk is for your company, it is crucial that you make the workplace as safe as possible. Financial constraints can make safety in the workplace a difficult task. The following 5 tips will help you increase workplace safety on a budget.

Promote Safety Over Productivity

Only focusing on productivity will create a culture where employees disregard safety measures to get the job done faster. Instead, make sure your team knows that safety always comes first. Design rewards and incentives to be based on efficiency and safety.

Penalize Safety Violations

Show your team you are serious about safety in the workplace. Give every employee a copy of the company safety policies and procedures and make sure they are posted in clear view. Also, enforce penalties when employees are caught not taking the proper safety measures.

Supply Adequate Safety Equipment

Employees can only do so much to safeguard their well-being if they do not have the proper tools. Be sure to supply all safety equipment needed in the workplace. This includes PPE, ladders, safety harnesses, etc.

Recruit Low-Risk Talent

When staffing in Grand Rapids, MI, hiring candidates who can safely navigate the job will lower the risk of injury in the workplace. It is not just about hiring talent with experience. Common sense and trainability play a large part in how big of a risk the candidate will be if hired.

Comprehensive Training Program

No one is immune to making a mistake and getting hurt on the job. However, many accidents happen because of improper training. Every new employee should successfully complete a rigorous training course with refresher courses regularly. Furthermore, if possible, pair less experienced staff with those who know the ropes to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

These 5 tips will help you increase safety in the workplace at a minimal cost. It’s a bargain compared to the cost of an employee getting injured. Arrow Staffing has vast experience in finding the perfect candidates to fit your needs. We will take the time to get to know the position’s requirements and present you with talent who are the lowest liability for your company. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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