Why Can’t I Get Hired?

You’ve got a killer resume and are more than qualified for the positions you are applying for, but it seems like you just can’t get hired. It only seems natural that jobs should go to the most qualified candidates, but other factors come into play when hiring. Sometimes internal connections give another candidate an advantage, and other times applicants shoot themselves in the foot when vying for a job. This is your guide to the most common reasons you aren’t getting hired even though you’re qualified.  Read these reasons below and then work with the best temp agencies in Grand Rapids, MI, to find your next job.

Failure to Research

It’s a huge turnoff to employers when candidates are not familiar with the company or industry. It pays to do your research before applying to open positions. Make it clear that you understand the company and the challenges it faces. Before an interview, you should also learn who the key players are and how you can add value.

Lack of Interview Skills

You may look perfect on paper but have difficulty interviewing well. Avoid bad-mouthing former supervisors and colleagues. Ensure the hiring manager knows that you work well with others and do not mind taking direction from supervisors. Always ask questions during an interview. Not doing so makes it seem as if you are not really interested in the position or do not understand it well enough to know what questions to ask.

Lack of Professionalism on Social Media

In this day in age, employers use search engines and social media to vet candidates thoroughly. No matter how “locked” you think your profiles are, nothing is truly private on the web. The bottom line is unflattering photos of nudity, alcohol, drugs, and excessive partying will not win potential employers over. Before applying for your next job, clean up your social media profiles.

Lack of References

Even though not all employers call references, you still need them. A lack of references conveys the message that you do not have anyone who can speak in a positive manner on your professional skills and accomplishments. This is a major red flag for employers. Make sure you include at least three references (non-family members) with your application.

Desperation is Not Flattering

A desperate candidate is not an attractive one. You should never make a hiring manager feel as if they are doing you a favor. Instead, keep your cool, even if you are desperate. Show your sincere interest in the position without showing all of your cards. Employers may pass up a desperate candidate in favor of one they feel will better benefit the company.

Ready for Your Next Job?

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