6 Management Mishaps You Might Be Guilty Of

Achieving the perfect balance of being an excellent manager to your team while simultaneously meeting the expectations of upper management or company needs is easier said than done. Let’s take a look at 6 of the most common management mishaps that you may not realize you are doing and how to correct them! 

Playing the Blame Game 

Chances are you will not agree with every decision upper management makes. It can be tempting to pass your opinions on to your team. However, this is not a good idea as it can make for an uncomfortable situation. When informing your team of decisions, keep emotions out of it, and thoroughly explain the decisions’ thought process. Let your employees decide for themselves how they feel about the news. 

Putting Employees in a Lose-Lose Situation 

Many factors, including budget constraints and lack of personnel, can mean that your employees are juggling at least two people’s workload. This can lead to burnout and employees feeling overwhelmed. Use premiere staffing solutions in Grand Rapids, MI, to hire part-time or temporary staff to help with the workload. It is also essential to clearly communicate to your team which tasks are the highest priority and which ones can wait 

Not Being Transparent 

Understandably, there is some information that should not be divulged to every employee. However, too much secrecy makes staff feel insecure and breeds distrust with the companyLet your team know if you are experiencing a downturn. Explain the strategy for navigating it. Being transparent shows employees that they are valued. You never know when an employee may have a fantastic suggestion in helping the company through a rough time. 

Micromanaging Your Team 

There is a fine line between guiding your team and micromanaging them. Micromanaging can make employees feel inadequate in their abilities and untrusted. It consumes a great deal of your time. Instead, give your employees room to breathe and stretch their creative wings.  

Failing to Define Goals 

Without goals, your team has no idea where they are going. This makes it challenging to be productive and efficient. Your employees do not know what they are working towards, so they cannot prioritize and strategize the best way to get there. Clearly define the goals that you want your team to achieve. 

Rushing the Recruitment Process 

Nothing spells regret like hiring the wrong people to fill open positions. If you rush the recruitment process, this will likely happen. Wrong hires are unproductive, inefficient, and slow to learn. This can place an additional burden on your team as they must work extra hard to get new hires up to speed. The best solution is to use a staffing agency that will help you hire the right candidates quickly. 

Count on the Leading Staffing Agency 

These 6 common management pitfalls are easy to correct once you are aware of them and when it comes time to hire your next team member, let Arrow Staffing handle all of the leg-work while you focus on managing your team. Our specialists will take the time to understand your staffing needs and find just the right candidates. Request an employee today! 

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