Overcoming Workplace Disagreements on the Assembly Floor

No matter how great your assembly team is, conflict between employees is inevitable. No two people are going to see eye-to-eye all the time. Disagreements in the workplace can lead to decreased productivity, tension among the team, and even hazardous working conditions. The ideal solution is to prevent conflict before it happens. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Learning how to overcome workplace disagreements quickly and efficiently on the assembly floor will save time, money, prevent accidents, and reduce employee turnover. Follow these tips! 

Address Conflict Early 

Even though you cannot always prevent conflicts, you can seek them out. At the first sign of trouble between team members, proactively confront the issue. This will help to prevent it from escalating to an unmanageable level.  

Conduct Meetings 

You must understand the issues at hand before you can devise a solution. Schedule individual meetings with each person who is involved in the conflict. Make sure you remain objective and validate their feelings and concerns as you hear them out. It is also important to assure employees that the meetings are confidential. Conflicts are already emotionally charged. If the staff involved in the conflict doesn’t trust you, they will likely be defensive, and the meeting will not be helpful.  

Detailed Documentation 

Taking notes during the meetings lets employees know you care about what they have to say and take the situation seriously. Documentation ensures you do not forget anything pertinent and allows you to go back later and review the conflict with a clear head.  

Bring Conflicting Parties Together 

In most cases, the best way to resolve conflict is to hold a meeting with all involved parties. Keep in mind that emotions may still be running high. You must mediate the meeting to keep everyone on track. Address the issue at hand without throwing anyone under the bus. Next, present potential solutions that will satisfy everyone involved. Be sure to take into the “What’s In It For Me” factor so that everyone feels like they are winning. You should leave the meeting with a solution and strategy to implement it.  

Act Quickly 

Once a course of action is determined, implement it as soon as possible. Take steps to hold every person accountable and intervene if someone is not complying. This will help prevent future disagreements. Keep in mind that the first solution may not be perfect right out of the gate. Be open-minded to making adjustments until you get it right.  

Hidden Opportunities 

Conflicts are not desirable, but each one presents an opportunity for growth among your assembly team. Approaching each disagreement in this way will help resolve the issue quickly.  

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